"Let's come to the festival on Saturday," said my friend. There's a lamp festival in the Garden of Morning Calm.
It is the real name of the garden, seriously. I am not trying to add any garden-ish feeling.

Actually, i was not interested to go. It's not that I hate doing outdoor activity related with nature. Even though i am not an artsy person, I adore beautiful landscape. It's just.. I was so tired and I didn't even feel attracted to the pictures of the lamp festival.
But, I realized that here I only have 3 months and two weeks left. I need to treasure every moment of it. I decided to come!


Here is the breath- taking view of the garden. It's pretty, right? 

How to get there?
So everyone, let me tell you something. It took me more than 2 hours to arrive there. I just knew that CheongPyeong, Gapyong is located outside Seoul. lol

Three of us (me, my friend from Sogang and Ewha) departed From Ewha Station,we went to Wangsimni, transfer to Gyeongui-Jungang line (light green);  at SangBong station, we needed to transfer again to Gyeongchun line, then went to CheungPyong station. 
I felt so sleepy at that time. I fell a sleep during the journey.And I felt so sorry to Ahjussi who sat next to me on the train. lol

We stopped at the wrong station.We did not realize it until we read the hangul in the sign was not Cheung Pyong. It was DaeSeungRi, one station before CheungPyong. How careless we were!
In the midst of cold and windy weather (it's colder than Seoul and the wind breeze stronger) we waited 15 minutes for another train.

Finally we are at Cheung Pyong station! After that, we went from exit number 1 and met our friends from Soongsil University. Our journey to get there did not end until that point!!
We needed to find the bus station. We arrived at the Garden of Morning Calm after 25 minutes by bus.

What I like the most from this garden, is the air. If you are looking for fresh air, quite place outside the urban are, this garden can be the option. There were a lot of couples and family spending their quality time together. They rolled out the carpet and enjoyed the picnic time.
I saw daddy playing with his 3 years old daughter. It was super sweet. I could see how much the daddy loves her. Appa, bogoshipo!! 

playing catch and run with this boy. - the taller your stone castle is the luckier you are!

Don't forget to bring your camera here. The landscape was just to precious to be captured with your smart phone.
I prefer the afternoon - evening paradise before the lights was turned on. It just felt more natural and lively.


I think it will be better for you to go here on April or June when the flowers blossom prettily.

We decided to go back at 7.45. We needed to go by bus to CheongPyeong station. Life is never that easy.
The queue for bus was very very long. There were more or less 60 people standing in line waiting for the bus. Taxi seemed to be a better option than bus. However, the taxi had not come, even after 40 minutes.

My friend saw there was a bus coming. FYI, it's the last bus for that day. I was the last three persons to enter the bus. I could not imagine what if I didn't get the chance to be on the bus.
After being lost at Myeong Dong, and now I could not go back to Seoul. Oh No! Dowajuseyo. God please help. 

As expected, we went  back from CheongPyeong to Seoul with the last train. The weather was so cold. We were hungry and tired. The only things that make us happy was the beautiful pictures we've taken there. lol

Yay!! - Candid much, huh?

The boys 
The girls 

- please please please pay attention to the subway schedule so that you can count what time you need to go back from your destination.

- bring your maekgeoli, soju and another snacks. At least you have something to warm yourself.

See you on another blog post! :)