After a not so satisfying first day in Korea, the second day was much better. Me and my friends (1 of them studying at Sogang University and 5 of them studying at Soongsil University) decided to meet up at Myeong Dong. Myeong Dong is one of the shopping district in Korea.

Myeong Dong at daylight

Taxi was the last public transportation we could take. It was too pricey and time consuming if we go by taxi. It's either using bus or subway. I asked one of Sogang buddy how to take subway from here to Myeong Dong. His English wasn't so good. Sorry. But seriously, from his explanation i just understood that we need to go to Ewha Station. It would take 5 until 10 minutes to reach there.
Me and my friend decided to go, no matter what happen.lol.
It's better being lost together than being lost alone right?

And yes, God is good all the time. On our way to Ewha station, we met another Sogang buddy. her english was good. She explained to us how to reach MyeongDong.

Tips: Learn how to use subway. Download an application called 'Subway Navigation'. If the stations are in the different color, it means that they are on different line. We need to transfer to another line. All we need to do is to find the intersection between those line.

We need to take the line 2, stop at Dongdaemun Cultural Park and transfer to line number 4 to Chungmuro station. Here we are. Myeong Dong station!
Always remember the exit gate number. Different exit gate number will lead you to different place also.

Sogang and Soongsil team decided to meet up at Uniqlo. The problem was we didn't know there are two Uniqlo at Myeong Dong. As you can guess, we're referring to different Uniqlo.
We haven't bought sim card yet. So we just relied on open wifi there. It took more than an hour just to meet up!

Tips: If you want to meet up with your friends here. Please, please, please be more specific. Don't just mention the shop name. FYI, there are more than 7 Etude shops there. Tony Molly, Face Shop, Skin Food, Innisfree are everywhere! So, give a more specific description about the place you want to meet up.

Make sure you've prepared money for shopping. Well, I guess that's why people are there.
There are a lot of beauty care shops, fashion apparels, restaurants and street food stalls at Myeong Dong. You just can't resist the shopping temptation! One day is not enough to stroll around here, though.

You will keep buying things, and at the end of the day you'll realize how much you've spent today just for shopping. The beauty care here is at least twice cheaper than in Indonesia
Some of the beauty products price are 5000 won, which costs as much as one meal. Now i know why Korean are pretty and slim. Just by skipping dinner, they can buy another cosmetics. Just kidding. 

Don't forget to try the street food here! It's better to go here at evening to night. Better view, more street food, better ambiance!

Fish cake and soup = Heaven!

We ended our first stop at Myeong Dong by having dinner together. I tried my first sip of soju there. The smell was too strong for me. For me, it tasted better when it's mixed with beer. I guess i start adjusting with the Korean lifestyle. lol

That day was superb. I am looking forward for another journey here. My 4 months adventure has just begun! Wait for another Sweet Escape in Korea blog post. Stay tuned!