I prefer to call Lotte World that way, 'Wonderland'.
It's not because i am in a state of denial that Hyde, Jekill and Me drama's over (yep, this place is where that drama was shooted.)

I've never been to Wonderland. All of us has their own opinion of what Wonderland is or how it looks like. I call it wonderland simply because I was happy being there. I could have been happier if I could meet Hyun Bin

Lotte world is an amusement park; the Korean version of Disneyland to be specific  I like the decoration inside. It has both indoor and outdoor area. There are a lot of attractions designated for children as well as supppaaa thrilling attractions for teenager until adult. In addition, there are many live shows in case you are interested to watch.

Four things you need to do here:
Don't forget to take the maps before you start your adventure there. The map helps!

1. Try all the thrilling games.
I recommend you to try the outdoor attractions first before it's getting sunnier and hotter. Queuing for 50 minutes in the middle of sunny day is not a good idea right?
Don't expect much about your magic pass. Not all the attractions are allowed to use magic pass.
In addition, the magic pass ticket machines are also disabled when there are too many people queuing already. (here, i don't get the point of why it's called magic pass).
I recommend you to try French Revolution, Atlantis and Gyro Spin.
Don't close your eyes. Enjoy every moment when you ride the roller coaster. Scream as loud as you want. Be free!

2. Take picture in front of the famous Lotte World's castle

The scenery here is very beautiful. I feel like I am a princess waiting for the prince charming in front of the castle. (Just kidding. I don't buy those kind of fairy tales)
You can try jumping pose though. My friend did that and it was cool!
There are a lot of fancy spots where you can take picture. However, this castle background is like the iconic place of Lotte World.

3. Try this stupid silly game

Give me the piglet please!

I knew that the probability to succeed in this game is super low. However, you need to try it once in your life time.
It's not impossible to get the doll though. My friend's brother often wins this kind of game.
It turns your feeling ups and down. Especially, when you can catch the doll, but it falls along the way to that square box.

4. Snack-ing while strolling around.
You can find sausage, churos or waffle. Go for a walk, relish the fresh air. The weather is so nice.
I tired blueberry waffle there. As i walk around, I spotted a place and i knew it was dedicated to couples. There was a giant heart shaped photo background. Two couples were so busy taking their pictures when i sat there with my bestie (the girl who has the same level of randomness when it comes to joke. lol).

I spotted love locks too, just like in Namsan Tower. If you don't have the chance to go to Namsan, hang your love lock there. Good thing is that here wasn't many of it. I am sure that your shocking pink love lock will outshine the other. Yours will not be buried by another thousands love locks.

One week after, can you spot which one is your love lock? - Namsan Tower

Anyway, I personally think that Korean has high level of cheesiness when it comes to expressing love. It was cute though. There were some couples who wore the same outfit from head to toe. They even have the same shoes! Lotte World is one of the places you need to go with your boy friend/ girl friend. 

Come early at 10.30, so that the entrance queue won't be long.
Please please please be smart on using your magic pass. Your magic pass can be used again after 1.5 hours.
Bring sunglasses. It will be really sunny at noon.

How to get here?
Go to line number 2, Jamsil Station and choose exit #4 Lotte World Adventure

It was a super fun and sweet escape for me and my friends!
The price was reasonable! Especially the fact that i only pay 17,000 won because i got discount coupon ( the normal price is 46,000 won).

See you on the next sweet escape post ;)