I am not a feminist. I appreciate the gender equality between a man and a woman. Women are not more eligible than men. We are equal.
I write this post in response to one stupid article posted in a Indonesian website a week ago (if I am not mistaken). I don't judge the writing style, because I am not a pro writer either. The title was really interesting though, why woman should wear skirt instead of pants.
I forgot how many times I frowned while reading it. Honestly speaking i could not even finish reading the article. I was too pissed off to read it until the end.
There were around 5 reasons why woman should wear skirts instead of pants. These two points are what I can remember.
Because woman look more feminine in skirt than pants
Because man thinks woman is more beautiful in skirt.

Because man thinks woman is more beautiful in skirt.. So what?
Just because man thinks woman is more beautiful in skirt does not mean woman should wear skirt. A woman does not wear something to look prettier in front of a man. A woman is not an object to please a man.

To all the women out there..
You might want to look pretty. I can feel you, because I do.
Bear in mind. With or without skirt, you are beautiful. With or without a man's compliment , you are beautiful!!
Don't let someone else's physical judgement make you love yourself less. Because when you do, you underestimate yourself.

Your determination and passion to pursue your dreams, your sincerity that wants to help people, your submissive act and obedience to Him, your confidence and behavior how to bring up yourself.
Those what makes you beautiful.
You don't need a man's acknowledgment that you are beautiful. Once again, you are not an object to please a man.
Most importantly, you look beautiful not to please any other human beings in this world. You look beautiful inside out for the reflection on your mirror who smile right back at you.  

Why do you value yourself with "yes or not beautiful" valuation when you are sooo much more than that?

Well said by F-Scott Fitzzgerald 

I am not saying that woman should not wear too much make up or skirt. I never say what woman should or should not fo. Just think that this post as a reminder to you (and for me too). Woman, you are beautiful. You are fearfully and wonderfully made.

To you who wrote the article, don't feel insulted. I appreciated your thoughts. Every writer has the right to write anything on his/her mind. Just like you, I just used mine. No offense!