"This is the last day in 2015. Make it counts"
"The last chapter of 2015. I am so ready to embrace 2016."

credit to: tumblr. 

My Instagram timeline is fulled with those kind of captions, quotes or whatever you name it. The wordings are not exactly like that. But it has more or less the same meaning. We want to cherish every moment we have left, for we know we could never turn back the time. 

We've been through 365 days in 2015. It's equal 8,760 hours; 525,600 minutes and 31,536,000 seconds. Those millions seconds was spent with laughter, joy, tears, happiness, anger or maybe fear. Those 31,536,000 seconds was not spent alone. Those momentum was spent together with families, friends, loved one and even strangers
we bumped into on the street. 

As we walk down to the memory lane, either it's the memories that we want to remember for the rest of our life or the hurtful memories we desperately want to forget, but couldn't, we realize that 365 are not just numbers or days. 

365 days are long enough to be separated from your home and families.
365 days are long enough to mend your broken heart. 
365 days are long enough to plan your business
but nothing to implement and sustain your business
365 days are long enough to change stranger into someone.
but short to truly understand about someone and love that person wholeheartedly. 

Anything can happen in one year. It's a life changing moments. It's a never ending surprise that we've never expected before. It's a journey fulled with lesson learnt in our life. 

Let's celebrate that we've nearly the end of the 365 days challenge in 2015. Following the trend, I also tried the #bestnine 2015 website. I'd like to post it on Instagram. After 10 seconds, my #bestnine picture was ready to be downloaded. In the end, I decided not to post it.
That picture did not describe my #bestnine moment, indeed. The website automatically picked your best moment based on number of likers on your Instagram account.
Truth is, your best moment was determined neither by the number of likes nor social media acknowledgement. What matters most is those people whom you spent those very moment with.

So, instead of posting that, I'll post #bestnine lessons learnt in 2015. This is it: 

1. Just do it. You'll never know if you never try. A lot of us have been asking to ourselves, what  our true calling is and what we want to be in life. Truth is, we will keep on searching for that. What we do now, will certainly lead us into something, to our future that none of us could predict.

2. Don't give a shit to what people say. 
Don't think too much about what they might think about you. They have their own opinion and different way of thinking. You lose yourself the moment you concern more about what they think. You cannot make everyone happy though.

3. The best things aren't things. 
The best things aren't things. Family, friends and times. You cannot find them in any stores. Treasure them.

4. Love yourself, you deserve to be loved. Loving yourself means that you develop yourself. You encourage yourself to become better. Challenge yourself. Forgive yourself when you did wrong.
When it comes to love, it's better to be single than in a torturing and painful relationship. Don't fight for someone who does not fight back for you.

5. There's a season in love. When you're ready, you will meet that person. Keep calm and feel the sensation of meeting unexpected person. When you are in a relationship, give space for each other. You also need time alone. Compromise is the key. Don't expect someone to change.

6. The worst decision is making no decision. 
Sometimes we are faced with so many decision to make. Well, most of the time. I admit that it's difficult to make decision. We are afraid what if we make wrong decision. I learn that, not making decision is even worse. When we don't make any decision, someone else will do for us. You will regret that you cannot even stand for yourself.

7. You may not forget, but you can always forgive. 
We cannot expect someone to do noble things to us. We cannot control that we will always have worth to remember experience. In life, we may encounter those who will leave scar in our heart. Hold no grudge. Your life will be easier. Forgive. You also made mistake once.

8. If it's not meant to be, it won't be yours. 
No matter how much you've tried, if it's not meant to be yours, the path will not cross yours. On the other hand, if it's meant to be yours, it will find its way to you.

9. He is faithful. He will complete the good work He started in you. When you put all of your work in His name; when your put your faith in Him; You will be in awe with the result.

I think that it's very important for us to have "me-time" before entering 2016. Take 10 minutes or more simply to think of what have you learnt, what you are grateful for, what chances you regret you didn't take in 2015. Don't be afraid. Let's embrace 2016 with new hope. 

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