This post is the very first post that I write in my new home. Well, I should learn to call this 3x3.5m boarding house my home. I’ve been moving to the Capital city for doing my internship since a month ago. I am away from home. I am away from friend. Simply, I am away from my comfort zone.
I wake up in the morning, working 9 to 5. Okay, let me be honest 7, 8 or even 9 pm. Then, I go back to this 3x 3.5 room, a place that I should call “home” until the next 4.5 months.

Exhausted? Maybe.
Lonely? Yes, I am.

Back in the first week, I was really homesick. My body was tired, catching up with the fast working pace here. I wanted to rest, but I couldn’t handle the loneliness that creeping inside my heart. I hate that feeling.
I bet you hate that feeling too. The feeling when you just feel so gloomy, but don’t know why and don’t know how to make it right. When that feeling comes, your mind goes somewhere over the rainbow, thinking about all those random stuffs.
I was in a state of thinking those random stuffs. “I just want to be happy, wherever I am.” I said to myself. I want to be happy whether I am home or away from home.
Moving to another places have never been easy. There you meet new people, you adjust with your new surroundings and you learn about something. Here. I learn more about happiness. I learn how to be happy wherever I am.

Let's be happy! 

Here are five ways to be happy, happier and happiest:

1. Just be yourself.

I know it sounds cliché. But, stay true to yourself.

I am working in a banking industry and currently working on a project called #SayangUangnya. This project is inspired by furgalism. Frugalism is a belief that happiness comes from within yourself. You decide your own happiness, not other people. Your happiness level does not determined by how much money you have; how popular you are or how you are admired by the others.

Sometimes we think too much about what people say. “What if they think I am weird?”; “What will they think if I wear this clothes again?”; “What if I rejected the offer, will they exclude me? Will they invite me out again?

You gradually lose yourself, if their opinions matter to you than yours. When you take their judgment seriously, you try so hard to please them. But, what’s the point? You make them happy, but you make yourself uneasy. When you care less about what they’re thinking, you care more about yourself.

2. Do the things that you love the most.

What’s the thing that you love the most? Eating? Reading books? or laying out on your bed and do nothing? Go to your sweet spot and have your me-time. As for me, I love reading and writing. I feel happiest when I am productive. Especially, if I can finish writing a blog post or flash fiction. i spare my time to write, because it makes me feel content.
Being happy is as simple as doing the things you love! Happiness comes from within yourself.

3. Maintain your relationship.
Stay in touch with your family and friends. Sending your sleepy head face through SnapChat doesn’t hurt. You are happy when you’re surrounded by the people you love. You’re separated by distance, but keep maintaining your relationship.

4. Rest

We live only once. We surely want to make the best out of it. We wake up in the morning. Skip breakfast. Catch the bus/ train to work. Meet clients. Have a lunch meeting. Prepare new concept. Work until late. Catch the bus to home. Work for another job until dawn, maybe.
We are fighting with time to reach our dream. We work so hard and we think 24 hours a day is not enough.
When you get the tender, you are happy, but less happy than you thought you would be. To be happy, sometimes all you need to do is rest. Maybe you are saying yes to too many things that you can’t handle. You want to do this, that, this and that. When you’re exhausted, you feel pressured and you hardly be happy.
Have an enough amount of time to rest. Rest physically and psychologically. Sleep well. Pray well.
He’s waiting for you in a place where there’s only you and Him. He’s waiting you to share stories with Him. Pray and let him cast your tiredness.

5. Make a list!
You are happy because you are grateful, not you are grateful because you are happy. 
Be grateful with what you have now. 
Make a bucket list, a list of the things that you want to do. 
Make a daily 'grateful list', a list of the things that you are grateful for. 
Jot down that list everyday. 

For example: 
5 things that make me grateful today: 
1. Wake up early to meet Him and lift praise and worship song for Him.
2. Conversation over phone with Mums.
3. Fun chit – chat time with a boyfriend that I can share all my silly jokes to.
4. Silky green tea pudding from my supervisor after fettucine carbornara.
5. Go home before 7 after work.

Making a list reminds you to be grateful every day. When you are grateful, you are happy. 
Be frugal. Be grateful and be happy.

Hope you find this post heartwarming and useful for you, readers. 
Happiness is a choice, and it's your choice.
Anyway, Happy early Valentine’s Day.

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