A Second Home That All of Us Need

We are never meant to be alone. We want to be part of something. We want to feel accepted. We’d like to feel that we belong to a community. A community that can accept us the way we are. A community where we can be ourselves.

I still remember clearly that evening, when my friend brought me there. All I knew that I was surrounded by a lot of people who’re passionately sing praise and worship song to Him. No Other Name than Jesus. I could feel their energy filled in that room. Not so long after, I sang along and prayed with them. Peace and tranquility dwelt inside my heart. I was so amused as I never thought that this kind of community truly exist.
Joining that community is one of the best thing that has ever happened in my life. It’s a life changing moment for me, to be honest.
That’s the place that teach me the real meaning of Christianity, where the essence of it lies on relationship with Jesus. It’s not talking about “Show up on Sunday Mass/ Service” kind of things. It’s so much more than that. In this community I learn the true meaning of a song, which is to praise and worship Him.

After four years, this is the first time I write about this. Let’s say this is my testimony of faith. There are two points that I’d like to share about this community.

1. A place to grow
We grow in Christ together in this community. We praise and worship Him together. We share biblical truth together. We pray for each other. 
I truly learn that we cannot stand alone. We need other people support. Following Christ won’t happen in only one night. It’s never that easy and sometimes it’s getting harder and harder. The temptation is always there. Sometimes, we are like a fire who pursue Him so eagerly. Sometimes, we are like in the middle of desert which is so hard for us to pray. But, we need to remain faithful! This is where community is very essentials. Community encourage us to keep growing in Him. no matter how difficult it can be. Community encourage us with their faith. Through their sharing we are strengthened.

2. A place to share everything

We have the tendency to impress people. We have the tendency to show the best version of ourselves in front of the others. Taking it more extreme, we want to be perceived as flawless and perfect. But here, in this kind of community, our goal is not to impress each other.

This is the place where we can be the truest version of ourselves. The place where we can be genuine. The place where instead of building up the best image of ourselves, we share our inner brokenness, pain, emptiness or even share the worst side of ourselves.. Maybe we cannot forgive someone at this point that we still hold the grudge. Maybe we are addicted to something which is not Honorable. Maybe we cannot focus on Him when we are praying.. But, we also share our happiness and how Jesus has changed our life. 
We need a place like this. A genuine place without lies and pretense when the world is full with hypocrisy.

Maybe you think that you are not holy enough to join such a community. Or Maybe you think you’re not yet so into Jesus kind of stuffs. To be honest, this is not the community of Holy people. We are all sinners. We are still working on how to win over those temptation. We are the people who want to be better. We are the people who want to seek the truth and pursue the right standard. Not the world’s standard but Jesus’. Our sin does not determine our true identity. This community doesn’t judge. They welcome all of us with arms open wide, just like Jesus.

To be part of community requires commitment. Commitment is not about the how many times that we have left, but how many times that we provide at the beginning of the day. The more we spend time with them the more they feel like home to us. The more we find traffic jam, tiredness and other excuses aren’t strong enough to restrain us not to go there. Because at the end of the day, we want to go home. And that community is our second home.

As I am living a way from home, this community truly means a lot. It's what keeps my faith alive. I couldn't thank God more for this blessings :) And yeah, wherever you are or wherever you will be, His grace is always with you.

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