Am I a writer? That question has always been in my mind since years ago. It's all started when I realized that jotting down words isn't just an activity to kill the time for me. It's more than just a hobby. I found myself very happy when I could finish writing something. For years I've been asking myself, what my passion is and I found the answer. It's writing.

If i love writing, deeply in love with writing let say, does it make me a writer? 
What makes you think someone is a writer? Books, blog, magazine?

So, let me answer. 
I haven't written any book, either its under my name or ghostwriting stuffs. 
And uhmm.. my blog. I am a lazy blogger, (Well, I rarely told someone that I have blog. Instead, I try not to bring this up in the conversation when someone ask me i have one or not) 
You know that I haven't posted anything since two months ago, right?
I am not a contributor for any magazine, either. But, i got my article featured several times

The fact that I hate grammar but love to write something in English .... 
And the fact that I just quit my job as a freelance writer for a creative agency....

Does it make me 'less' writer? 
Or Have I never been a writer in the first place? 

But lately, i choose not to think about that kind of status anymore. I don't care if I am less writer or a writer in the making, etc. A writer writes, that's what I am trying to believe. that's what I should believe. From now on, I will not doubt myself. I'll treat myself as a writer. A writer that writes. A writer that has deadline to keep on writing. A writer that might have lot of flaws in grammar but want to learn eagerly. A writer that want to inspire people from her writing. A writer that want to glorify His name through her writing. 

That 'a writer writes' words of wisdom isn't just for me or for a thousand writers out there. It's for all of you who want to chase your dream, your wildest dream, I'd like to add. A singer sings, an artist draws, a strategist plans. Treat yourself as if you're one. Embrace yourself, go reach your dream. Do it wholeheartedly. That's the best thing you can do for Him. 

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