Lost and Starlight

I read somewhere that the saddest thing in life is when we can’t be happy. Count ourselves lucky if we know the things which can make us the happiest. A happiness which is not just a smile on our lips, but the genuine joy inside our heart. A happiness that can always be our getaway.

But, what if the thing that used to make you happiest no longer have that magic anymore?

I know that writing is my getaway. For me it’s the therapy to cure my stress. When things were getting harder, with all of the hectic schedule that I had, I was fine. I knew that it would all be gone once I took a piece of paper and drown myself writing.

Lately, I find it really hard to write. Well, I could still write for my thesis or minutes of meeting. But, that’s not the writing that I mean. Jotting down words, stitching all of the thoughts in my mind take much longer time than it used to be. Writers' block, if may say. It’s frustrating to see the blank page on my laptop. The thought of not being able to write hurts me more than I could think of. It’s torturing. It’s beyond torturing, actually. See, I couldn’t even find the right word to describe what I am feeling. I don't feel that happiness anymore

At that moment, I realized that

I was lost.

I am seeking the starlight that can guide me back home where I belong. The starlight that makes me want to write again with all of my heart.

Have I found my starlight that I just wrote another blog post? Maybe.
Most importantly, I've learnt that I should always seek for that starlight. Once I find it again, I should keep it with me. I shouldn’t let it go.

It makes me think of how much I love writing and how much it means to me. I guess, I should spend more time to write, just like I used to be. As I think about it, I was the one who ran away at the first place. I didn’t allocate much of my time to write. It’s like I forgot the basic foundation of loving.

When we love someone we make time for that person. 

Writing can’t run away, but a person can.

Come to think about it in a relationship context, it’s not that he/she can’t make us happy anymore. Maybe we're just to busy that we barely spend our quality time together. The quality time has no real "quality". It's merely a "mandatory" things for a couple to do.

Find that sparks in your relationship. Find that starlight again. Don’t wait until you’re lost to make you realize how much that person means to you. Don’t wait until that person run away from you. Just don’t wait. Reconcile and make time for each other. It’s worth it.

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