How do you feel about graduation? Well, if there are some of you who haven't been graduated yet, what do you think how'd you feel once you graduate?

After four years of university life, my graduation moment finally came. It was a week ago. Oh shoot, it was nine days a go to be exact. How time flies!
Didn't I just look for kebaya (Indonesian traditional costume that women usually wear on graduation day) ? Didn't I just finish my thesis revision? 

I was expecting that I'd be filled with joy that I finally got my Bachelor Degree. I did. I still feel the euphoria until now. But, what made me happiest wasn't that degree nor the cum laude status. What made me happiest were the people around me.

As I were sitting with my friends during our Graduation Ceremony, my mind was somewhere else. Somewhere back in the very first day I met them. Somewhere when I spent most of my days with them, from morning to late night doing our project, assignments and studying for the exam. Somewhere when I cried so badly because of the overwhelming projects. Somewhere when we had too much drama and competition inside. Somewhere when we've become each others' shoulder to cry on. Somewhere when I realized that we've become more than just friends or schoolmates.
Friends are those who brought us to the person we are today. We shape each other. We learn from each other. Friends know how we have changed throughout these years. I am overjoyed as we can move on to the other chapter of our life together.

I couldn't be happier that a lot of people whom I know and I cherish dearly also came at that day. I was touched that during their busiest day, they spare their time for me. It gives me faith that, no matter how long we haven't met each other, no matter how our path has diverged, we will always find a way back and support each other.

The wide smile on my parents face, I could never forget that also. They might feel relieved that their little daughter is now a graduate and ready to step on her own feet. I am beyond grateful that God has shown Himself God throughout my life. He truly completes the good work His started in me. The way He has shaped me through the challenges. The way He has won my heart all over again. The way He teaches me to remain still and faithful :)

I guess graduation is not about the degree itself, it is about our transformation. When you compare yourself with 4 years ago, do you notice any changes? Maybe you're no longer the person who whine over small matters. Maybe you have stopped doubting yourself. Maybe, you are now closer to the person you've always want to be, the best version of yourself.

That's what graduation is all about. When you have transformed and finally move on from one chapter in life, ready to embrace the other chapters with the same excitement.

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