#AtoZofLife - Best Friend

     How do you define a best friend? How can you say someone is your best friend? Honestly speaking, it’s quite hard for me how to define the words ‘best friend’. A best friend might not be someone whom you know the longest. It’s never determined by how long the friendship is tied. A best friend might not be someone who stay by your side all the time physically. A best friend might not be someone whom you have lot of things in common or who share the same perspective with you. You don’t just share laughter, jokes and happiness. You shed tears together.

Sometimes you fight. Sometimes he/she will slap you with honesty and truth. They wouldn’t mind to be a bit harsh on you when it’s for your sake. They will let you know if they think you did wrong. But, they don’t judge. They won’t even say “See, I’ve told you”. Because you guys are best friends, you get each other’s back.  No matter how far you’re apart and how far your path might diverge, you will always find a way back to each other.
She will be happy for you and still smile for you even if you get something she’s always wanted but fail to get. And you’d do the same if you were her, right?

“A friend loves at all time” Proverbs 17:17

Question to yourself:

      1. Have your ever felt jealous with your best friends?
           2.   Have you been a best friend for your best friend?

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