#AtoZofLife - Destination

Let’s not talk about tourism destination this time. Let’s bring this destination topic to the next level, which is our life destination. Destination is a state or place that we want to reach. Having said that, it can be defined as our goal or our purpose. Then, have you found your destination, something that you truly longing to achieve?
What’s your life goal?
Some of my friends are quite shocked when I ask them this kind of questions. Most of them think that it’s actually a quite random question. I still remember one of the responses “I don’t have much time to daydream. It’s better for me to focus on my present.”

I cannot say that he’s wrong. Again, it’s a matter of perspective. But for me, not having any destination is like you are shooting your bullet without aiming which one is your target. Thinking about our future and the destination itself is not daydreaming. What’s wrong with daydreaming if we actually make an effort to do it? Once we have settled our destination, we can start thinking which one is necessary or not. It helps us to prioritize every aspect of our life. If we have no destination, should we just go with the flow, where life brings us without making any decision?
Maybe the terms YOLO has embedded strongly inside us. For sure we need to enjoy our present and live at the moment. But, we also owe our future. God has a greater purpose in our life. And we need to seek the purpose that He has cultivated inside us.

Question to self:
1. What’s your life goal? What do you want to be in your life?