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Something becomes cliché when it’s overly used. It’s cliché because it’s actually telling the truth. Like, countless times we hear the saying “Home is where we belong”. And that home refers not to the place where we live, yet the people whom we live, our family. As we have grown older, we are no longer that child who spends most of our time at home. We have known the world outside our home that gives more excitement and chills to our life. Not to mention, those activities we do that demands most of our times. A living room used to be our favorite place to share how our chair mate teased us or how not funny the jokes that our teacher cracked. It was back then. 

What about now? We have developed other characteristics and traits that make us at the different wavelength either with our parents or our siblings. Sometimes, we are just too tired with all the things we do from daylight to late night. As if we have no more energy and times left to spare some of ours to have real quality time with family. Sometimes, you cancel your plan with your family because of other things, and you think that they are your family so they wouldn’t be mad at you. I had been in that stage actually.

Lately, after 8 months working at another city, I couldn’t deny that I miss my home. I wanna go back where I belong. One thing that bothers me is whether I have spent much of my time with them or not. I bet you’d feel the same way. No matter how far you’ve gone, you’ll always want to go home. We grow older, so do our parents and our siblings. 
If you are currently apart from your family, you can share your love through your endless prayers for them. It’s never too late to make everything better.

Question to self:
1. When was the last time you had quality time with your family?
2. What is the promise you’ve made to your family but haven’t fulfilled it?

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