#AtoZofLife - Improvement

Mastering something is not easy. Achieving a milestone in our life isn’t any different. It requires continuous hard work, times and other resources. In the middle of the journey, we often think to take a detour and just end our journey without reaching the destination. Saying that it’s not worth it and we won’t eventually finish this journey. As if we forget that slowly but sure we make an improvement along the journey. Improvement is a process of making something better. It is a gradual process. Step by step. And we need to be patient with that improvement.

Let’s be honest, when we see ourselves, there must be some room for an improvement right? Something that we can change to be a better version of ourselves. Either it’s our attitude, our habit or our knowledge. It’s not as easy as flipping your hand especially when it requires dramatic changes. Supposed that we want to change our diet habit. We want to start eating healthily, yet we are actually a fast food lover who eat fast food three times a week. We cannot be a clean eater within only two weeks or three weeks. Starting with eating fast food only once in a week, replace it with veggies and raw fruits. That small changes are those which lead to incremental changes in our life. Don’t give up as long as we make and improvement gradually. And to help us stay motivated, it’s better to create a target. We should have a deadline when we should achieve it.

Question to self:
1. What are the changes that you want to start in your life? For example, start a healthy diet, have a better quality of sleep, etc.
2. What is your timeline or target for each week?

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