#AtoZofLife - Jealousy

I love to read. From fiction, religious book, news to self-development book. Those books talk from different approaches and share different stories. However, they are on the same page when it comes to the cause of human suffering. So many stories and passages that I read and jealousy is actually the root of human suffering. I bet most of us have read tons of crime news that are caused by jealousy. A kills B because B possesses what A wants. I believe that all of us haven’t done any violence because of jealousy. However, jealousy itself is a disease. It starts as a tumor and once it’s getting bigger, it becomes cancer that harms our whole system.

Jealousy is when we count on someone else’s blessing instead of our own, and we believe that what they have is more than what we own. It’s actually as simple as that. Then, we start to think how miserable we are! Why we are not as lucky as that person. We start to make a distance from him/her because just by seeing their face makes us feel uneasy. It leaves us at the corner of the room unhappy. We are unhappy not because we have nothing, but because we have jealousy. Perhaps, we wouldn't have been jealous if we had never known what they had. We won’t be jealous if we don’t compare ourselves. So, how to cure this disease? Instead of focusing what others’ have, be grateful of what we have. I do have faith that God has his tremendous blessings for each every one of us. When we stop comparing ourselves with others, we will be happy with what we have.  
Question to self:
1. Do you feel jealous when your friend is paid higher than you when you guys are doing exactly the same work?
2. List down all of the things that you are grateful for?

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