#AtoZofLife - Listen

To listen is actually the easiest way to show your love. And sometimes this is actually the thing that people need the most when they are currently in hard times. They don’t need our wisest advice or our judgment whether they did wrong or not. All they need is two ears listen all of their stories. By listening to that person, you show them that you do care for them and that they truly matter for you. You take a moment to consider what they say.

Moreover listening to other people makes us a less selfish person. We will learn that everything is not only about us, us and us. We are not the only person in the room. We are not the only person whose opinion matters. I guess that’s the key of relationship. We should listen to each other. And actually, listen to other people is good for us. It can enrich our perspectives. So, when people say something, let them speak and listen to them. And when your friends share their problem and pain in life, listen and try to understand. Listen only requires us to be silent for a while when others are the center of attention.
Question to self:
1. Do you also listen to other people story? Or do you focus only on yourself during conversation?

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