#AtoZofLife - Me (Myself)

This one might be is the most selfish post that you’ll find in #AtoZofLife. Well, being selfish for a day does not hurt. So, let’s just be only for today. Do you love yourself enough? I am not joking. That’s the question that all of us need to answer! I know it sounds random. But, seriously, self-love is very essential. Because when we don’t love ourselves enough we would be lacking of self- esteem. Then, insecurity breaks inside our heart.

Love itself sounds very abstract. But the way we derive the love for ourselves is simple. Accepting our weaknesses that we are not perfect, forgiving ourselves when we’ve hurt others, trusting our capability, believing in ourselves that we can actually reach our dream, being honest with our feelings, prioritizing us than others sometimes and standing up for ourselves from others who don’t deserve our tears. See, if we don’t love ourselves enough we won't realize how we are actually worth it to be fought for. If we had loved ourselves enough we wouldn’t have thought that we were not capable to make something great. If we had loved ourselves enough we wouldn’t have cried over our ex who teared our heart into pieces. If we had loved ourselves enough we would have realize how we are perfect from those imperfectness of us. And that is okay not to be good at everything. And we need to love ourselves so that we will fight harder for us. We are too great to settle for something ordinary. We shouldn’t let anyone take us for granted also. We are fearfully and wonderfully made.

Question to self:
1. Do you love yourself enough? From those example, which one is the hardest for you to do?
2. Have you fought for yourself?

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