#AtoZofLife - Naked

What if there’s a naked challenge? Will you join? Being naked for one day is certainly a highlight for our monotonous daily routine. Naked means we don’t wear any clothes to cover our body. We don’t use any excuse or sweet words to cover our true feelings. This naked challenge asks us to be honest. I know that it takes little more courage to speak up more about us. The first thing we should do is to learn how to say no.

Let me share a bit of my story, I grew up with a thought that I need to make others happy. Their happiness is part of my responsibility. I became a yes person, I couldn’t even say no. So many times I sacrificed myself, my time and my desire just because I don’t have the guts to say no to my friends. At some point, I decided to start saying no whenever I had to. Turns out that they are actually okay if. It has nothing to do with our friendship anyway and I can do the things that I want.
The second thing that we should do is to say the truth. When we don’t say the truth, we create the other version of us. Sometimes we concern too much with what people might think about us. We are afraid what if we are not as good as what they expected. But, who cares? Speak up. Being naked take those burden from your shoulder. It is irritating not being our true self.  
Question to self:
1. Have you been naked to your friends? Or we cover ourselves because we are afraid of their thought about us.
2. Is it hard for you to say the ugly truth to your friends?

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