#AtoZofLife - Optimism

I read a short metaphor that explains about optimism. It says “a bumble bee doesn’t know that they couldn’t fly, but it just goes on flying anyway”. Lesson learned: we don’t know whether we can do something if we never try. If we concentrate more on the attempt than our capability, most probably we will be able to do it. We never know that we can sing if we never sing. How can we know there’s a golden voice inside us? How can we win over a trophy if we don’t have the courage to fight? And there is exactly where optimism plays a role.

For me optimism is the fuel of our courage. Supposed that you are joining a dance competition. But when you know your competitors, you feel like they are out of your league. They have more experienced, skills and the other winning team materials compared with your team. If you have no optimism, you wouldn’t even want to fight. But, when you have that optimism, you will fight even harder because you know that you still have the chance to win. You will keep practicing with your team to make that chance bigger, you have nothing to lose anyway. When you have no optimism, you have no fighting spirit. Maybe you will stop practicing and underperform during the competition. Without optimism, we let go our chance to actually win that thing.  
Optimism is like a faith that keeps us pushing forward. And we need that optimism vitamin injected in our life every day.
Question to self:
1. Do you tend to be more optimistic person or pessimistic person?
2. What is your short term target that you want to achieve? Keep that in mind. Give it your best shot without even thinking the probability of failing. 

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