#AtoZofLife - Passion

Talking about passion, one of my colleague reminds me the essence of having a passion outside the office. One day I was really unmotivated at work. My face was gloomy. I was like a walking death person. Everyone could see it I guess. Normally I am very energetic. Yep, that energetic to the extent my coworkers give me a nick-name ‘Ms. Sugar rush everyday’.
He mentioned that, no matter how much we love our job, there would be a time when we’re tired of everything. We had enough doing those job-related matters. Going to the office is just like a mandatory thing to do. We lose our reason to wake up earlier every day. And that’s where our passion takes a role. Well in this case, if we don’t know our passion yet, let’s say it’s our hobby. 

When we’re exhausted with our job, our passion makes us alive. That passion burns the fire inside us. We get an enjoyable distraction from our job for a while. And doing the things that we love the most (read: passion) brings the joy inside our heart. In the end, our stress is relieved. We will eventually find the passion to excel in our job again. As for me, it happens to be writing. Writing is my therapy. It keeps me sane every day. When I have a bad day, all I need is to write to sooth my stress.

Question to self:
1. Are you passionate about your work? Do you work wholeheartedly or just ‘doing’ it?
2. What’s your other passion besides work?

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