#AtoZofLife - Question

There are a lot of things in our life that we wish we could know the answer or the reason behind it. We deserve an explanation why that is happening. We want to raise a question for something that didn’t go as what we expected. For example the reason why our ex-boyfriend cheated on us and why it has to be our best friend (Too much drama, I know). Another case, when we are so frustrated with our current circumstances. Maybe when we are faced with two options that require a decision-making, we wish there would be an answer fall down from heaven to us. Or we wish someone will show us the way, with notes: right way guaranteed.

Have you ever thought that maybe we just never really ask the question or we never truly seek for the answer? Several factors can influence our behavior. First is fear. We are just too afraid to hear the answer. We are afraid what if the answer is far from our expectation that can hurt our feelings. We will cry a river and be down in the dumps knowing the actual reason. He’s just not that into you movie is perfect to describe what I am talking about.
Second is a plan. When we are faced with two option, deep inside our heart, we know what we want to choose. But then, we ask God for a confirmation. Now the question is when we raise this question to God, He whispers the other option which is different with what we’ve planned, what will we choose? Do we still choose what you preferred after we got what He said?

Then, what’s the point of asking a question if we are going to ignore the answer in the end?

Question to self:
1. Have you ever ask a question to God? At that time, do you follow His voice or ignore it?

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