Journey to the Fullest - #AtoZofLife

I know you guys are asking what #AtoZofLife is. #AtoZofLife is my thoughts, things that I learnt from others, inspiration etc that i turned into 26 days blog posts. Every post contains 200 - 300 words passage and questions that we can discern after. Time flies really fast without us realizing it. Next two days is Monday and suddenly it's weekend again. That's what I am feeling lately. We are rushing with the time that sometimes we forget the essence of life itself. The ultimate goal of our life might be different one another. One thing for sure, we only have one life and we want to live our life to the fullest. That's the idea behind #AtoZofLife. To reminisce the thing that might be forgotten and to find the fullness of life itself. Starting from this Monday, 10 October, I will post #AtoZoflife on my blog. Stay tuned!

The idea of #AtoZofLife popped up on my mind back on April or May while I was struggling with my thesis. But i did nothing about it and let the idea stayed there for months. I thought that I had no time to write about it as I had my internship, thesis and freelance job. So, on September, one rainy day, I started writing the first paragraph of #AtoZofLife. It went on and on. And you know what, the moment I wrote the last part of #AtoZofLife I was almost burst in tears. It's like "Oh God, I finally finished this!" 

I learn a lot of things during writing this project. Honestly speaking, I wrote this when I was down. Well, that word cannot explain what I felt at that time, I was desperate, disappointed by my circumstances and so on. I learn that we are able to create something during the moment of crisis or desperation not after the moment. Because we cannot wait to start something until our circumstances get better. We cannot even wait to create something when we have much time to do something. Cause it will never happen. In fact, I wrote this project when I am twice or thrice busier compared with I was on April. When we allocate our time and put more effort, yes we can do it. 

I am grateful for His favor that I finally finished #AtoZofLife. I have finished writing the content as well as designed the shareable Instagram post. I will be very delighted if you share that post to your instagram account. In the end, i wish you tons of luck and let us finish this 26 days journey of #AtoZofLife together. Reading every post will only take 3 minutes of your time. I sincerely hope that it can be a blessing for you Thank you :) 

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